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Awesome Makeup Tricks for Girls On a Tight Budget


Being a girl is fun! It is more fun if you know these awesome make up tricks that will help you look fab and chic without spending much!

  1. Turn your pencil eyeliner into a gel formula just by using a match or lighter.

See? You need not to buy different sorts of liners because all you have to do is to put your eyeliner regardless of color under flame for a second. Let it cool for 15 seconds. You’ll instantly observe the change in consistency! Now, use the improvised gel liner for a desired smudgier look.

  1. To make your lipstick on your lips lasts longer, after putting on your lipstick, lay a tissue over your mouth then dust translucent powder over it to set the color.

According to the famous make up artist Lauren Consenza, the translucent powder sets the shade, so it makes the lipstick instantly “long wearing” but the tissue paper serves as a shield from the color of the powder so that the lipstick on the lips will not lose its wonderful color. Be warned, however, that the process is a bit extensive and the translucent powder will still have a subtle white tint that inevitably changes the lip shade.

  1. Recycle the lose pigments of your eyeshadow by adding a small amount of petroleum jelly to make your own custom lip gloss.

Don’t cry over eye shadows that were broken due to breakage or due to your playful sibling or son. You can recycle them by using petroleum jelly and placed the mixture in a small container.

  1. In case of having a flaky mascara, add saline solution in order to use it.

Although it’s advisable to store mascara for three months only because wearing it beyond three months may lead to eye infection because if the accumulated bacteria in the container, one can use a mascara that already dried up by putting drops of saline solution. If saline solution is not at your reach, you may drop a mixture of salt and water instead. As a word of caution, this should not be frequently done.

  1. Use lighter in reattaching broken lipstick

Using a lighter, melt the end of the detached lipstick and the lipstick attached to the container and put the two together.

Use lighter in reattaching broken lipstick

  1. Use your lipstick as cream blush

Loving your lipstick color? You may use that as your blush on, too!

  1. Go for dupes!

Look for the dupe versions of your dream makeup, and you’ll enjoy the similarities that they have. Although made from less expensive ingredients, the dupes still passed the quality check, so they’re safe to use! However, do not buy the fake versions of the original brand, they’re not dupes but fakes and fake products are dangerous to use.

Being on a tight budget isn’t an excuse for girls not to look pretty. Makeups, whether expensive or not, are there to make us feel great, so applying the tricks here will definitely make you wallet happy and your face still as pretty as ever!