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Tips in Using Self Tanners

sunless-tanner-tipsDo you want to get a gorgeous tan without the risk of sun damage and too much UV rays exposure? If yes, then finding the best self tanner for your skin can help you. Also called sunless tanner, a self tanner can help you avoid horror stories from getting poor self-tanning jobs including orange hands, dark creases and streaks. All it takes is to prepare your skin correctly then apply your chosen self-tanning formula with proper care. The following tips can also help you use the product effectively:

  1. Choose the best type of sunless tanner for you – Note that there are plenty of self-tanners at present, making it extremely difficult for you to find one, which is suitable for your skin. You can find formulas that let you gradually build a tan in a few days or within a week. Other self-tanners, on the other hand, produce an immediate stain to your skin. There are also those that wear off within just a few days, while others tend to last longer. Figure out what specific self-tanning product you need, so you can pick one which will really work for you, read more about self tanners in http://www.atbeauty.net.
  1. Remove thick hair from the specific areas of your body that you plan to tan – The main reason is that thick hair may cause you to be unable to apply the tan evenly. If necessary, wax or shave your arms, legs or any part of your body that you want to tan to make sure that the final look will be satisfying. However, if your hair has fine texture, then you don’t need to remove them.
  1. Exfoliate – Regardless of your skin type, exfoliation is crucial when tanning. Keep in mind that applying your chosen self-tanner will be a bit difficult if your skin comes with dry and flaky patches. It may result to a patchy appearance, instead of your desired pretty finish. Chemicals used in self-tanners also tend to react with the amino acids found in your upper skin layer. You have to remove this upper layer through exfoliation to ensure that the tan will turn into a fresh layer, which lasts long. Exfoliating your skin prior to self-tanning is also useful in preventing an uneven tan. You can seek the aid of a scrub gel or brush, or a wash cloth to exfoliate your skin thoroughly prior to tanning.
  1. Ensure that you are completely dry – To ensure a perfect tan, you need to be completely dry. Towel off right after taking a shower, then wait for 10 minutes before applying the tan. You should be 100% dry before doing the procedure.
  1. Begin from the bottom – This tip is beneficial if you want to separate attractive sunless glows from poor, fake tans. Use your clean hands (or if you want, you can wear latex gloves), to smooth your self-tanning product in circular motions. Apply 1 tsp. at a time. Start from the bottom (your ankles, for instance), then move up to your shoulders. This works in preventing weird marks every time you bend over. Your hands and arms should be the last parts that you should tan.

With the help of these tips, you won’t only get the chance to use the best self-tanners in the market, but also ensure that the application produces your desired results.